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Hilka Portable 6/12V 12Amp Automatic RMS Battery Charger in Metal Case

REF: 505

UPC: 5055553905048



Hilka Portable 6/12V 12Amp Automatic RMS Battery Charger in Metal Case - NEW

Hilka Tools seem like they have been around since the invention of the wheel.

With tested quality control that's second to none and backed with a no quibble guarantee most people in the trade believe it's worth paying that little extra to know what your getting.

Hilka Tools trusted in the trade.

This 6/12 volt 12 amp RMS battery charger comes in a compact metal case and is suitable for use with car, motorcycle, leisure, marine and lawnmower 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries.

With an intelligent charge control that allows batteries to be connected for long periods, this will then continually check the charging rate and maintain a continuous optimum charge level for the battery (12V fast charge only).

Note that this charger should NOT be used to re-charge NICAD or any other type of battery.

Fully portable, take this battery charger anywhere you go.

Suitable fro most petrol and diesel engines.


Compact and robust design
Metal case with carry handle
Ammeter with LED charging and warning display
Double insulated cable
Thermal overload protection
Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Supplied with 13Amp plug and crocodile clips
Overload fuse: 15A
Comes with instructions
CE approved
GS approved
RoHS compliant



12Amp fast charge
3Amp trickle charge
Rated voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
Minimum Battery Capacity: 7Ah at 2A charging current
Cable lenth 72" (1830mm)
Maximum Battery Capacity: 180Ah at 8.0A charging current



Trickle charge: 6V DC 1.5A
Trickle charge: 12V DC 2.0A
Fast charge: 12V DC 8.0A