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Hilka Professional 6 Piece Fully Insulated Screwdriver Set HIL33100600

REF: 4913

UPC: 5055553938220



Hilka Professional 6 Piece Fully Insulated VDE Screwdriver Set - NEW

Hilka Tools seem like they have been around since the invention of the wheel.

With tested quality control that's second to none and backed with a no quibble guarantee most people in the trade beleive it's worth paying that little extra to know what your getting.

Hilka Tools trusted in the trade.

A fully insulated electricians screwdriver set with insulation up to 10KV.

You receive 3 flat head screwdrivers from 2.5 - 5.5mm and three Phillips head screwdrivers ranging from PH0 - PH2.

Ergonomic grips fit your hand for comfort when on the job.

Ideal for electricians in the trade.

VDE and GS approved.


o 3 Phillips head screwdrivers
o 3 Flat head screwdrivers
o Fully insulated up to 10KV
o Ergonomic handles
o VDE and GS approved to IEC 60900:2004
o Hilka packaging


Flat Head

o 2.5 x 75mm
o 4.0 x 100mm
o 5.5 x 125mm

Phillips Head

o PHO x 75mm
o PH1 x 100mm
o PH2 x 100mm