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Hilka 2 pce TCT Circular Saw Blades 250mm with 30mm bore and Adapter Rings

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Hilka Professional 2 pce TCT Saw Blades 250mm with Adapter Rings - NEW

Hilka Tools seem like they have been around since the invention of the wheel.

With tested quality control that's second to none and backed with a no quibble guarantee most people in the trade beleive it's worth paying that little extra to know what your getting.

Hilka Tools trusted in the trade.

An excellent quality set of Saw Blades with varied number of teeth for use on multiple types of jobs. For coarse, medium and fine cuts.

They all are TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped). All blades are fully hardened and tempered as they're tungsten carbide-tipped for trade use. They're suitable for hardwood, and softwood chipboard.

We repeatably sell these blades to a local builders merchants to help show their durability and quality.

How to use? With the blade running at high speed, just apply a light pressure to the saw and let the blade work for you and not you work the blade. If a blade is or pushed or forced into the wood you will blunt or even blue (over heat) the blade. This will happen to any blade regardless of cost. So a light pressure and let the blade work for you.


• 250mm x 30mm bore
• Reduction rings: 25mm, 20mm and 16mm
• 1 x 40 teeth - fine cut bladeÿ
• 1 x 60 teeth - super fine cut blade
• Maximum speed: 5000rpm
• Circular saw blades suitable for hardwood, softwood, chipboards and other composite materials
• Hardened and strengthened to ensure a long life
• Hilka packaging


• Reduction ring: 1 x 25mm
• Reduction ring adapter: 1 x 20mm
• Reduction ring adapter: 1 x 16mm
• 1 x 40 teeth - fine cut blade
• 1 x 60 teeth - super fine cut blade
• Hilka packaging

RRP - £23.99