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Hilka 25pc HSS (High Speed Steel) Drill Bit Set HIL49707025

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Hilka 25pc HSS (High Speed Steel) Drill Bit Set - NEW

Hilka Tools seem like they have been around since the invention of the wheel.

With tested quality control that's second to none and backed with a no quibble guarantee most people in the trade believe it's worth paying that little extra to know what your getting.

Hilka Tools trusted in the trade.

Made from fully heat treated steel. This is manufactured from a very good grade of HSS steel. True engineering quality.

This set of twist drill pieces have been precision ground and heat treated for extra strength and durability.

Twist drill bits are produced in the largest quantity today compared to other specialised drill pieces.

We have a large range of these drill pieces but for the quality of these particular drill bits you don't have to spend a fortune. As you can see.

These have a long lasting working capacity and use a 135 Split Point Design.

This set also comes with handy bespoke metal carry case so you can keep them organised in their correct and tidy positions.


Precision ground
Long-lasting working capacity
135 Split point design
Heat treated steel
Made to DI standards
Black finish for corrosion resistance
Engineering quality
Metal case



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RRP - 24.99