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Hilka Professional 600mm x 120mm F Clamp CL102

REF: 1605

UPC: 5055553942555



Professional 600mm x 120mm F Clamp - NEW

This tool is used as an extra hand when woodworking or metal working where gluing, welding or bolting is required.

Consisting of 2 horizontal bars joined together by a vertical bar. There is a large screw on the lower bar with a plastic cap connected to a ball end allowing the end to sit at different angles whilst not marking the object which is being clamped.

Can also be used as a simple mechanical device used for lifting engine or transmission parts. The clamp has an adjusting screw to tighten onto the part and a lifting bar to attach to a hoist cable.

This clamp extends to 600mm and has a clearance of 120mm.

Made of Steel (DIN5117) with comfortable a rubber handle and non-marking plastic tips for the two vertical bars.

There is a clearance of 120mm from the bottom of the vertical bar to the centre of the plastic clamp ends.


o Clamps objects up to 600mm wide
o 120mm clearance
o Steel to DIN5117
o Rubberised handle
o Screw has bal tip to accommodate angles of up to 15 approx.
o Non-marking plastic ends (removable)
o Total length: 690mm approx.
o Total Height: 170mm approx.
o TUV and GS approved