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Clarke PSV5A 750W Pump With Integrated Float Switch up to 217 l/min flow rate




This submersible pump is ideal for heavy duty draining applications including pits, sumps, ditches, footings etc. It can be used to remove both clean and dirty water including particles up to 35mm dia. The integrated float switch will switch off the pump motor once the water level is reduced to a defined level. Being integrated within the pump housing it is usable in a more confined space than would be the case with conventional float switches.
  • 750W 230V motor
  • Selectable manual or auto mode. In auto integrated float switch automatically turns the pump off when water level drops.
  • Outlet size 11/2" BSP with elbow and 4 step adaptor; 1" BSP/Hose, " hose, " hose
  • 217 l/min rated maximum flow rate
  • 0m/8m min/max head
  • Max depth 7m / Cable length 10m
  • Weight 4.5kg