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Clarke PSP125B 400W Puddle Pump + Auto Sensor 116l/min rated Outlet: 11/2" BSP




400W Puddle Pump with Auto sensor - This submersible pump is ideal for draining flooded cellars, sumps etc.

This is the perfect solution for clearing shallow bodies of water such as spillages because of its ability to pump as low as 1mm from the floor.

  • 400W 230V motor
  • 3 position auto sensor allows remaining water level to be set
  • Outlet: 11/2" BSP with additional non-return valve
  • 3 step outlet adaptor; 1" BSP, 1" hose,1 " hose
  • 116l/min rated maximum flow rate
  • 0m/7m Min/max head / Max depth 5m
  • Cable length 10m / Weight 4.2kg