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BERGEN Professional 5 Piece Inner Bearing Puller Set BER5113

REF: 9

UPC: 5055553900081



BERGEN Professional 5 Piece Blind Bearing Puller Set - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, Vewerk need we say more.

Superior quality giving maximum control this inner bearing puller set is manufactured from a trusted name in tool making.

The slide hammer itself is made of fully chromed carbon steel and the shaft has been heat treated and drop forged for extra durability. The kit is completed with four sizes of clamps allowing you to pull anything from 10-32mm.

Pulls blind bearings out of flywheels, Gearbox main shafts, lay shafts, Motorcycle Hub bearings, etc.

Simply open the clamps by turning the handle clockwise so that it is snug against the bearing, then pull out the bearing without damaging any of the surrounding parts by sliding the weight backwards.

Ideal for the auto body repairer or the home garage DIY'er.

All supplied neatly in a hard wearing blow moulded carry-case. (Case colour can very)

Made by professionals for professionals.


o Fully chromed carbon steel medium stroke slide hammer
o 377mm Overall length with 1.4kg hammer
o Bearing extractor collets with internal capacity from 11 to 32mm
o Colet ? sizes: 11-16mm (3/8"-1/2"), 15-19mm (9/16"-11/16"), 18-25mm (5/8"-1"), 26-32mm (1"-1-1/4")
o Supplied in blow moulded carry-case