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BERGEN Professional Timing Tool Kit for BMW N51/N52/N53/N54 Enginess BER3210

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BERGEN Professional Timing Tool Kit for BMW N51/N52/N53/N54 Engines - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, need we say more.

Comprehensive tool kit for locking camshaft in TDC position when checking/adjusting camshaft timing, replacing inlet camshaft or timing chain on BMW N51, N52, N53, N54.

Made by professionals for professionals.


Suitable for BMW: 128i, 130i, 135i, - E81/82/87
Suitable for BMW: 323i, 325i, 328i, 330i, 335i - E90/91/92/93
Suitable for BMW: 523i, 525i, 528i, 530i - E60/61
Suitable for BMW: 630i - E63/64
Suitable for BMW: 730i - E65/66
Suitable for BMW: X3 2.5, X3 3.0 - E83
Suitable for BMW: X5 3.0 - E70
Suitable for BMW: Z4 2.5 and Z4 3.0 - E85/86
Engine Codes for BMW: N51, N52, N53 and N54
Includes: Camshaft Locking Tool(OEM 114280)
Includes: Transmitter Wheel Locking Tool(OEM 114290)
Includes: Crankshaft Locking Tool(OEM 110300)
Grade: Trade quality

RRP - 289.99