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BERGENComprehensive 16 Piece Axle Slide Hammer Set BER5118

REF: 698

UPC: 5055553906977



BERGEN Professional Comprehensive 16 Piece Axle Slide Hammer Set - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, need we say more.

This sliding hammer puller for mechanics is great for general automotive work like pulling hubs, axles, bearings and lots more. It can also be used for removing dents.

Threads are professionally machined which makes assemble of this toolkit very easy.

The puller includes a 5lb malleable steel sliding weight which gives you a quick precise pull in tight areas.

Converts into a 2 or 3 jaw internal/external puller.

All attachments made from forged steel for a very durable long lasting tool.

Made by professionals for professionals


o Used to pull axles and hubs on most cars and trucks with 4, 5 and 6 Studs
o Measures roughly 23" long
o 2 or 3 Jaw internal/external gear puller attaches to the slide hammer
o Gear puller arms can be mounted for inside or outside pulling
o Drop forged steel attachments
o 5lbs malleable steel hammer


o Internal 2 jaw puller
o External 2 jaw puller
o Internal 3 jaw puller
o External 3 jaw puller
o Puller hook
o Rear axle puller
o Grip wrench adapter
o Dent Puller