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BERGEN Professional 10Lb Dent Puller Slide Hammer Set BER5127

REF: 5234

UPC: 5055553942197



BERGEN Professional 10Lb Dent Puller Slide Hammer Set  - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, need we say more.

This is a quality comprehensive slide hammer set with 10lb sliding weight. Perfect for pulling dents out of car and body panles

For added control a knurled steel grip handle is included, the slide hammer itself is made of malleable steel and the shaft has been heat treated and solid drop forged for extra durability. The kit is completed with various attachments to use with different types of dents.

This slide hammer serves a dual purpose when it comes to automotive work, as well as pulling out dents it?s equally as good at removing difficult to shift bearings from shafts and hubs.

Ideal for the auto body repairer or the home garage DIYer.

Made by professionals for professionals.


Slide hammer with 10lb Malleable Steel sliding weight
Knurled grip handle for extra control
Circular washer included
Fully hardened with heat treatment
Drop forged steel hooks, pullers and attachments


10Lb slide hammer
Steel knurled handle
90 10mm puller
90 22mm puller
135 35mm Puller
135 65mm Puller
70mm screw attachment (35mm screw)
Flat 95mm squashed tube
Double attachment
190mm straight attachment
70mm Hook attachment with 440mm chain
Blow moulded storage case

RRP - 89.99