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BERGEN Professional 22 Piece Alternator Tool Set

REF: 4989

UPC: 5055553938978



BERGEN Professional 22 Piece Alternator Tool Set - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, Vewerk, need We say more.

This high quality 22 piece alternator Tool set is great to add to any mechanics tool set. Used for cars such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Seat, Mercedes and VW to assemble the free wheel pulley. This will be a great kit for any mechanic or enthusiastic DIY'er.

The kit includes sockets, bits, adapters, hexagonal nuts and pins for most applications, all set in a handy carry case to keep your tools organised.

Made by professionals for professionals.


o Audi, BMW, Ford, Seat, Mercedes, VW and many more


o Precision made
o Chrome vanadium
o Polished surface
o black phosphate finish


o 2 - Combined Socket For Alternator
o T50 x 113mm Socket
o M10 x 113mm Socket
o M10 x 113mm Socket
o 3x 15mm x 19mm Hex x 33 Teeth Adapter / 22mm
o 15mm x 17.5mm Hex X33 Teeth
o 22mm Hex
o 17mm Hex x 35mml
o 35mm Round
o 28.6mm Round x H28 x H22 x 32mm
o 38 Hex Pin
o 1/2" DR. Bit Socket
o 1/2" DR. 110L Spline M10 Bit Socket
o 64mm x M10 Bit
o Hexagonal Nut 28H x H19 x 35mm
o Hexagonal Nut 28H x H21 x 35mm
o 3/8" DR. x 90mm x M10 Bit Socket