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BERGEN Professional 5pc Trim and Moulding Tool Set BER5401

REF: 4896

UPC: 5055553938077



BERGEN Professional 5pc Trim and Moulding Tool Set - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, need we say more.

This set includes five different sizes and styles of tools that allow easy removal of trim fasteners, mouldings and wheel hubs.

Perfect for all trims inside and outside of cars, vans and utility vehicles.

These tools make removing the trims, screws clips, upholstery and attachments on your vehicle very easy and painless. No more using your flat head screw driver that will damage the panel or trim.

Made from a special non scratch mix of nylon and fibreglass to ensure no panel damage to the removed area of your vehicle.

Extra large support area to give you maximum leverage.

Made by professionals for professionals.


o 5 specialized tools:
o 1 x upholstery clip remover - 210 x 20mm (L x W)
o 1 x Handy remover - 195 x 30mm (L x W)
o 1 x Narrow type remover - 180 x 20mm (L x W)
o 1 x Pull type remover - 175 x 30 x 30mm (L x W x internal diameter)
o 1 x Wide type remover - 160 x 60mm (L x W)
o Made from a mix of nylon and fibreglass
o Non scratch
o For use with upholstery, clips, trims, mouldings and wheel hubs
o Large support area