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BERGEN Professional Universal Steering Knuckle Spreader Tool BER6011

REF: 4722

UPC: 5055553936394



BERGEN Professional Trade Quality Universal Steering Knuckle Spreader Tool - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, need we say more.

This product is used to spread the steering knuckle to enable the removal and fitting of struts and ball joints without the risk of damaging the aluminium or cast iron knuckle.

The knuckle spreader is adjustable and suitable for steering knuckles with either a centralized slot or a non centralized slot.

To be used on a wide range of vehicles including Audi, BMW, Citroen, VWGolf, Passat, Ford, Skoda, Seat, Renault, Peugeotand many Japanese vehicles.

Made by professionals for professionals.


o Knuckle spreader
o x4 Spreader Pins
o x2 Spreader Tips (one for aluminium, one for cast iron)
o Allen Key
o Instruction sheet included
o Blow moulded case


o Audi - BMW -Citroen - VW Golf - Passat - Ford - Skoda -Seat - Renault - Peugeot and many Japanese vehicles


o 4 x double ended pins: 2 x 8mm, 4 x 10mm, 2 x 13mm
o spreader tip for aluminium hubs
o Spreader tip for cast iron hubs
o high quality steel
o Precision made