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BERGEN Comprehensive 13 Piece Oil Pressure Kit

REF: 4680

UPC: 5055553935984



BERGEN Professional Trade Quality Comprehensive 13 Piece Oil Pressure Kit - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, need we say more.

With its large easy to read dual scale gauge complete with extra long 24" (600mm) oil proof hose with 1/8"NPT and 1/4" plus 3/8" adapters.

This is a great kit Designed to check engine oil pressure in both cars and trucks

The gauge can read up to 500PSI, that's a huge 35BAR!

Made by professionals for professionals.


o 3" easy to read gauge
o 24" oil proof hose
o 1/4" adapters
o 3/8" adapters
o Accurate Up to 500Psi
o Plastic blow moulded storage case