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BERGEN Comprehensive Diesel Engine Compression Tester Kit

REF: 4569

UPC: 5055553935359



BERGEN Comprehensive Diesel Engine Compression Tester Kit - NEW

BERGEN TOOLS, WPI Technic, need we say more.

This high quality diesel compression tester kit makes measuring cylinder pressure on diesel equipped cars and trucks easy.

Complete with high quality pressure gauge covered in a rubber protector to give you an accurate reading every time. The pressure gauge takes reading of up to an impressive 1000PSI (70BAR) That's an extraordinary amount of pressure making it possible to take readings from most modern cars, vans, trucks, bus's, agricultural and marine engines.

Easy to read gauge includes a release valve and 368mm (14.5") hose. It gives an accurate measurement of individual cylinder pressures up to 70 bar.

Unique swivel and quick coupler allows the operator to connect the adapters quickly and easily.

Suitable for diesel engines.

Made by professionals for professionals.


Gauge with rubber protection
0-1000PSI (70BAR)
Side release valve
Flexible hose
13 Adapters to fit most vehicles
Diesel Engines
Comes in sturdy blow moulded case

RRP - 159.99