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BERGEN 9PC Comprehensive Oil Filter Wrench Set Trade Quality BER3030

REF: 2584

UPC: 5055553944894



NEW 9PC Comprehensive Oil Filter Wrench Set Trade Quality- NEW

BERGEN Tools need we say more.

Here We Have a professional Comprehensive Oil Filter Wrench suitable For a wide range of Modern Cars.

This set allows you to quickly and easily change oil filter without damaging the housing.

This Comprhensive set is suitable for both new and original type oil filter housings the unique Design grips the oil filter without Slipping.

For use either by professional mechanics, technicians or enthusiastic Diy'ers.

Made by professionals for professionals.

o 14 Flutes x 64.5mm x 3/8" DR Chrome
o 15 Flutes x 88.8mm x 3/8" DR Chrome
o 14 Flutes x 74.2mm x 3/8" DR Chrome
o 16 Flutes x 86.6mm x 3/8" DR Chrome
o Adjustable Wrench. Application range: 63mm to 83mm Galvanized
o 3/8" DR 27mm Nickel-plated
o 3/8" DR 32mm Nickel-plated
o 3/8" DR 36mm Nickel-plated
o Presented In Blow Moulded Case
o Another High Quality Tool From BERGEN