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BERGEN Diesel Injector Extractor for Mercedes CDi Engines

REF: 1551

UPC: 5055553914064



BERGEN Diesel Injector Extractor for Mercedes CDi Engines - NEW

BERGEN Tools need we say more,.

This four piece injector puller with impact weight has been especially designed for removing stubborn injectors on Mercedes Benz vehicles fitted with CDi engines.

These can be very difficult to remove hence the necessity for a sliding hammer and puller.

In very difficult cases, with this tool the cylinder heads would have to be removed to get the injector out, making the job more expensive and considerably more time consuming.

Removal of injectors is a constant problem to the modern mechanic and invariably the cylinder head may need to be removed. Several options are available however, which are worth trying to save time and money.

This kit holds two methods of removing these injectors with the second option maybe the last resort and a new injector will be defiantly required.

Packed in a blow moulded case for storage.

Option 1

o The sliding hammer with M18 bar and nut (Silver) and the internal fork (black)
o The Internal hook fits underneath the injector and with the sliding hammer the injector is pulled out.
o The injector is fixed to the cylinder head with a retaining screw.
o This is often damaged and corroded and needs to be rethreaded and the retaining screw replaced.

Option 2

o The threaded adaptor socket and the sliding hammer, M18 bar and nut
o This option is the final chance before the cylinder head needs to be removed.
o Remove the injector top, attach the threaded adaptor to the injector and the sliding hammer to the threaded adaptor with the bar and nut (silver).
o If this application succeeds it is likely that the injector will be damaged and need to be replaced.


o Professional quality
o S2 Chrome Vanadium
o 4 pc set
o Mercedes Cdi engines


o Slide hammer
o M18 bar
o Internal fork
o Threaded adaptor socket
o Nut for M18 bar
o Bespoke blow moulded case