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Am-Tech 13 pc Harmonic Balance & Puller Set

REF: 1940

UPC: 5055553917157



Am-Tech 13 pc Harmonic Balance & Puller Set - NEW

Removes balancers, gear pulleys, steering wheels and crank shaft pulleys with tapped holes.

The removable floating swivel prevents damage to the shaft end.

The 4 slots in the yoke allow for 2 or 3 hole pulling application.

Yoke capacity 35-85mm diameter.

It has either 2 or 3 jaw configuration.

Includes thrust bolt locating adaptor & 10 assorted fixing bolts.

Applies even pressure preventing damage. Drop forged and heat treated carbon steel.


o Yoke capacity 35 - 85 mm
o 1pc 5" alloy steel pressure screw
o 1pc 3/4"-16 thread
o 1pc small centering adaptor

10pc bolt sizes

o 2pc 14mm x 38mm
o 2pc 12mm x 38mm
o 3pc 12mm x 22mm
o 3pc 14mm x 22mm